EZ Bouquet® comes in a 6 inch, 4inch and 2 inch size and the design possibilities are endless! Here are a few ways to begin using EZ Bouquet® with containers you already have in your home. Remember that either half of the ball or the whole ball can be used to give you limitless creative versatility.


Both fresh flowers and silks can be used with EZ Bouquet® and because of the sphere shape almost any container can be used. Oval, octagonal, square, graduated or straight sided, short or tall, try EZ Bouquet® in anything you have around your home that would make a beautiful presentation with flowers or food. Simply place the ball in a vase and start arranging!
In Vase

If you would like to use EZ Bouquet® in a wide mouthed container such as a bowl simply anchor the EZ Bouquet® ball with some sticky clay that you can purchase from any crafts supply store. A little dab of sticky clay tape can also be used to keep EZ Bouquet® from slipping. Click here for an instruction video on how to use EZ Bouquet® to arrange in a vase.

Pomanders or Flower Balls

Pomanders are a new exciting way to decorate your home for parties or to decorate your tree with live ornaments for Christmas. Pomanders are popular in weddings for bridesmaids or flower girls, or would be fun and new for high school proms! Either the 4 inch or 2 inch EZ Bouquet® are perfect for pomanders. Click here for an instruction video on how to make a pomander.

Appetizer Tray

Half of EZ Bouquet® can be used as a dome in the center of appetizer trays or chip and dip plates to add a touch of elegance to all your entertaining venues. Remember that you can use food as a decoration in addition to flowers! Click here for an instruction video on how to use EZ Bouquet® to arrange with food.
Appetizer Tray

Cake Topper

Decorate birthday or wedding cakes with half of EZ Bouquet® used as a dome. Flowers or fruits such as strawberries can be used to decorate the top of a cake and give it that extra special touch.
Cake Topper