Making flowers Fun... The Most Versatile Flower Arranging Tool On The Market!!

The new multifunctional patent-pending EZ Bouquet® makes arranging fresh or silk flowers a snap but also can be used to make pomanders for weddings, fruit bouquets, cake toppers, cocktail centerpieces and more!!! With EZ Bouquet® the possibilities are endless! For instructions see the Build-A-Bouquet page with video clips. For pictures showing the many possibilities with EZ Bouquet® see the Design Ideas page.

WATCH OUR HOW TO VIDEO....Click Here! You may also watch specific segments of the video found on our "Build A Bouquet" page. Segments include, "How to arrange in a vase", "How to make a pomander", and a segment on "How to use EZ Bouquet with food". Make a professional looking floral arrangement or a spectacular centerpiece for your next party or gathering. You'll be surprised at how easy it is with EZ Bouquet.